Founded in 2020 in the Northwest of England.
Our clothing isn’t branded in a huge factory a thousand miles away on enormous machines, robotically printing the same image over and over, they never will be, we brand every garment by hand, with care, in the UK. Meaning each garment is as individual, as unique, as special, as the man it adorns. The Charisma Man.

charisma noun
“the powerful personal quality that some people possess in order to attract and impress other people”

“The powerful personal quality that some people have to attract and impress other people”

So what attracts and impresses other people? Loud and brash? No. Bling? No! Flash and cash? Definite no!

  • The Charisma man is approachable with a quiet Charm.
  • He doesn’t need to be the loudest in the room. His peers are eager, drawn to hear what he has to say by his natural Magnetism.
  • He could stand in silence in the middle of a room all evening and people would know he is there, they feel his Presence.
  • His Charisma is his and his alone.
  • Charisma is inimitable.
  • Charisma is unique, individual to the bearer.
  • Charisma is Original.


We know the Charisma Man comes in all shapes and sizes. We also know he doesn’t want to dress like a Geography teacher on a school trip, or constantly wear an NFL jersey. Most brands don’t seem to see that. That’s why we genuinely strive to offer as many lines as possible up to 5XL.

We are committed to kitting out our bigger brothers in the same British classics that are available to everyone else.




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